On the saddle it’s more fun!

There are dozens of paths from Merano to the mountains

From Merano to Bolzano, through Val Passiria and Val Venosta, from 300 to 3000 metres above sea level. Merano and its surroundings are cycling heaven. Easy but enchanting cycle paths for the whole family or longer and steeper routes for those who love adventures on two wheels. Anyone who wants to experience an organised bike tour and explore different parts of South Tyrol can find endless opportunities. The city and the entire region offer many stunning views to enjoy.

Enjoy the mountains all year round!
Every day is a special day in South Tyrol
Spring in the mountains

In March, nature comes back to life, and we follow it! With its scents, colours and milder temperatures, it is a wonderful time to enjoy the mountains. Go trekking, hiking around Merano, cycling, or put on your skis one last time! The mountain with its activities and Merano with its wealth of opportunities are both waiting for you!

Summer in the mountains

Summer is the season that children and adults eagerly await! The long and bright days, the warm sun and blue sky, the bright green valleys: are you ready for an adventure on your bike, or to put on your boots and start your journey at the discovery of the Dolomites? Thanks to its position, Merano makes all your dreams come true.

Autumn in the mountains

From September to December the scenery offered by nature is truly spectacular: leaves in all shades of red and yellow fall from the trees, the snow starts appearing on the highest peaks, temperatures turn cooler whilst still inviting you to enjoy nature. South Tyrol in autumn is truly spectacular. A time to be enjoyed in Merano, on your feet or on your bike.

Winter in the mountains

Fresh snow, hushed atmosphere, winter sports... and the warm South Tyrolean welcome. Winter in Merano and surroundings is magical, with many activities to be enjoyed at the five nearby ski resorts. And you can end the day with a mouthwatering hot meal and a good glass of wine, while taking in the beauty of the mountains around you. Anything else?


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