Katalin and Andrea

Our hospitality comes from passion

Steinach Townhouse is the perfect place to treat yourself. It was a gift to us, Katalin and Andrea, when we decided to take over the running of Steinach Townhouse from its owners, Mr. & Mrs. Botti, designers and artists from Milan, who had restored it with unquestionable taste and care.


With the Sissi restaurant, which has consistently been awarded a Michelin star since 2009, and Pizzeria 357, the realm of good pizza, we had gained so much experience that we felt we were ready for a new adventure. We wanted a project that would allow us to extend our vision of authentic and informal, warm and passionate hospitality and welcome. This charming residence in the old Merano district was the answer: it was immediately clear to us that Steinach Townhouse could be the perfect place for our guests to enjoy a little Dolcevita and many unforgettable moments. Today, Steinach Townhouse is the result of the perfect combination of two excellences: sheer beauty, result of the incredible restoration skills of Mr. & Mrs. Botti, and great hospitality, thanks to our wealth of experience in the hospitality sector.

By staying to Steinach Townhouse, you will give yourself a wonderful gift. We know that you will agree with us as soon as you walk through the front door.


Our uniqueness stems from who we are


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