After years of excellence in the restaurant business with Restaurant Sissi, recognised with a Michelin star since 2009, and Pizzeria 357, I felt the need to extend our vision of authentic, informal hospitality and cosiness to Steinach Town House.

And who could be better suited than my partner Katalin to lead this exciting new project?

“We have developed a deep connection with this charming house in the historic heart of Merano, seeing it as the perfect place to spend our holidays and unforgettable moments,” says Katalin enthusiastically.

After many years in the hospitality and hospitality industry, Katalin, with her dedication and warmth in treating guests, has contributed to the success of Restaurant Sissi and is now ready for this new adventure. She enthusiastically dedicates herself to Steinach Town House, bringing with her experience and passion, a guarantee of an unforgettable welcome.

Licia, originally from Romagna, has travelled all over Europe as a manager of large companies. To relax and recharge her batteries, she often found refuge in Merano. The city’s charm captured her and she decided to settle here. She met Andrea and Katalin, fell in love with the Steinach Town House project and decided to join the team. Her natural flair for service and attention to detail contribute to the uniqueness of Steinach Town House.